Adventures planned for 2016

I'm excited for this upcoming semester! I've got some new adventures being planned, and I couldn't be happier.

As an artist I think its important to take advantage of opportunities to learn new things. I'm excited to say that this next semester, I'll have some studio time with some talented painters who are willing to teach me the formal elements of painting.

My grandmother first taught me how to paint as a child, working primarily in oil and sometimes drawing with pastels.  Since then, I've spent a lot of my own time working with acrylics and water colors.  I love the fluid nature of water colors, and the medium has been one that I have found is quite relaxing and brings me a lot of personal peace.

 I've also been spending some time thinking about this summer, where I'll be and what I'll do with my free time once I'm through teaching. I would really like to spend some time in a national park that I haven't been to, I've been to quite a lot! Hopefully I can get a proposal accepted by a national park, and spend some time drawing, painting, maybe even printing. 

Regardless of where I go, I think it'll be important to spend some intentional time as an artist being surrounded by the outdoors. In John Pipers book Desiring God, he explains how God isn't fully exalted until we appreciate what he has given us. To thank him, admire him, and enjoy the goodness that he has provided. I think setting aside some intentional time could be great for the soul too, so maybe you'll see some more on these plans but till then I'll be praying about what will happen!